I’ve been watching people, I thought of other people’s thoughts merely to ascertain that there’s no other life sound than that one one has paved himself. I urge young people out there to live their lives based on what their hearts desires most, and shun from attempting to live out of those close to them’ lives. Merely you dear brother and sister is capable of brining forth beautiful change into your life…



As I hardly saw the change in me, you came to my rescue and pointed out the change in me.

I lost touch with myself, you made me reunite with myself and find my purpose.

You never detested me whilst many spotted me as nothing apart from being of no good.

You always smile even though you are enduring the pains, you gave me the strength of enduring the pains I am.

Also writing here whilst asleep

Only if they didn’t say anything bad about you surely I wasn’t gonna fall for you ‘cause the mere great thing as it sound sufficient to exhibit how jealous they are about you emerge to be the only thing that shows how vividly beautiful my life would be around you Fortunately I’m not a superstitious Man yet permit me to use this superstition the precise way, the life I’m Life have long been planned on my behalf even before the passing of dozens of decades prior my grand grandfathers were brought down to this earth not to talk about my coming forth (giving birth to me), hence what I’m doing is to follow the footsteps paved for me by following my heart and this heart of mine speaks, feels, loves, respects and recognises you whereas it calls you out loud, pity I’m not poetic yet my love for you can lead me to such as it is authentic. I love you seem to be less enough now, since the day I met you great things have been happening to me, I can’t recognise how a beautiful Somebody looks like apart from seeing all of you before me even though you’re thousands of miles afar me, in fact I live you Yvee* 🤞🏼 Even though after exhibiting the way I feel about you my heart keep saying “words aren’t good enough to tell of the way I’m so into you” Small things seem to be what matters most, something that you were not aware of, I fell for you ‘cause of it

Acknowledge Criticisms Wholeheartedly

Let me make it known to the entire universe and appeal to those who fear being criticized to wholeheartedly acknowledge criticisms. Be aware that the ones who would be criticising you emerge to be small people,  less-minded ones of course, so be not afraid of their critics as I find some thrives from such critics. And if you are not criticized just be cognizant that you are doing nothing great with and/or in your life, if you are busy with something you thought of as being great but still no one is criticising you, just know you are doing an idle something ’cause critics seem to be directed towards something great one is or would be doing, and they emerge to be giving such something the thrives to get accomplished and without such critics believe me you won’t unreserved your great something, hence anticipate critics if you have just embarked or you are about to embark on a thought of to be bon voyage

And in life you gotta be aware that great people won’t criticise you or attempt tarnishing whatever great you would be doing or aspiring to do, they would rather stick to your thoughts, encourage you whenever small people are criticising you because they have been there as well, and bear in mind that where there is no criticism there is no progress, thus small people won’t criticise you if whatever you are doing emerge, to them, as an idle something, so would great people – great people won’t spot the greatness of your task or tasks you would be doing, recall they have been there, they got all the thrives, persistency and consistency from the critics brought directly to them by small people

So acknowledge critics, they are authentic and inspiring, work hard, acknowledge your work, the person in you and compare yourself not to others, see you after accomplishing your great something

I vow to always be useful to myself even though the path to success seem to be way thin. I do not want to give the present circumstances the chance of having me given up on whatever I find beneficial to both myself and my clan. The unbearable present circumstances I am facing must be served as a lesson – an inspirational one upon which I just do not learn to be wise and/or successful yet upon which I might end up being way inspirational to youngsters out there as that is something I long planned to possess abd/or demonstrate

Why inspirational?


Dear Reader

Sometimes we have to be aware of what life for each of us. Recall, we are destined to play from significant to less significant roles yet not all of us will be able to spot such roles. Naught comes easy My Dear Brothers and Sisters, all we have got to do is to figure out who we are and is not easy to do that. People emerged to be what they never thought they will ever be because they were eager with enthusiasm to find the  persons they are – they did not despise the persons within them yet they just kept the same momentum even though the voyage seemed to be abandon-able yet the adverse circumstances befallen them were seen and utilized as the biggest motivation they have ever had, Not all of us will live an inspiring life as it seem to be the most unforeseen until taken choice, Strive to live an inspiring life, you know it is heart-thrilling and the most desirable feeling to trickling within to have and hear your name spread with great things associated with. We are down to this earth not to live forever yet our souls shall live forever merely if we are to give it our all. It is unfortunate that neither of those said to be inspirational chose to be inspirational, such happens automatically, all you have to do is just to find yourself, find the person in you, be cognizant of your aptitudes and ineptitudes, be cognizant of your encephalon’s depths and heights, and after being cognizant of all of that then be appreciative, approve and acknowledge the person in you because there is no way one might encourage those next to him to word harder if he cannot guide, marshal and inspire the person in him


Life is way difficult to live the life of the person one is not and will never be. Be full of it – live it to the fullest, genuinely so!

What would you say if you were asked to cite just one if not multitude of the major reasons why you are still alive today, what would you say?

As human being we have got to be aware of the major reasons behind our being alive today, and the sound way if not best of doing that emerge to be the way we exhibit and/or demonstrate if it is not to portray ourselves. Life should, at all times not seldomly, be seen as the very significant gift to each of us , having in mind the deaths of those who were reluctant to depart from this universe before they can do something said if not seen to be remarkable and upon the observing of it multitude of human beings if not astute beings would be astounded and won’t even live a day without the thought of what those aforesaid if not ancestors to some left down in this world. Recall, we have varying talents yet the question that troubles us being the how do we do it seem to be the biggest stumbling block to each of us’ thoughts to bringing whatever we had in mind into being.

How did they become successful whereas we have not even attempted to be fiascos once in our life times?

As human beings we fail and are still going to fail to cognize what is best for us and to what if not to which extent our encephalons can if might not go. There, in this world, would never be success without some sort of failure if not imbecility. The notion of behind every successful man there is a good story to tell seem to take us far and as a result we will never get hold of the exact denotion of how one become successful without the utterance of some hardships. Almost every successful man seem to have a good well-cooked story to tell. We do not become successful because we want to be successful yet our fade and determination to achieve great things in life led and will always lead us to success. What I am trying to express if not exhibit as it is hard to utter is that successful people will always lie if not misleading us of how they became successful yet having consideration to as spotting your failure as your biggest lesson will lead you to great success – having you classified as one of the aforesaid successful people. My request would be once you are successful do not forget to tell those who want to climb if not following your footsteps of how you have arrived where you are because that would be a great way if not path of becoming great becuase that is why today if not the major reason successful people today are still the very same successful people of yesterday, ow what of greatness? What happened to having great people?

The question of what happened to having great people seem to be above one’s encephalon even today and believe me when I say even Professors if not Emiritus Professors failed to answer as they did not even attempt to answer…

What is referred to by the concept “great people”?

Recall, firstly it is success and secondly it should be greatness yet only the first seem to be the first and the last, and what of the second being?

Well successful people fail, failed and are still going to fail to be great people because of their dirty if not cooked stories with which to elaborate to their being successful when asked to highlight of that. Steve Harvey once cited great people as those who are successful, who does not merely think for themselves yet always attempt to go back to their communities and pick up those youngsters if not humans in general, train one of them if not all to become successful, they do not spend money on their communities, buying them fancy stuffs because they are well cognizant that doing such emerge to be if not presenting before such communities the darkest cloud if not blocking the residents thereof as their dreams of greatness and success would be put to an end as hidden if not clouded or deviated and/or shunned from… Great people emerge to be most of the time those without formal education because the greatness thereof emerge to be the unforeseen and not-prone to elaborate gift from The Omnipotent God!